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Social Media Campaigns

Sometimes a website needs some assistance in generating interest and traffic numbers. This can often be done with a good search engine optimisation strategy to display links from the major search engines for important keywords. Another way to do this is in the form of a social media campaign. Social media campaigns use popular online […]

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Advantages of E-Marketing • Increased response rates in e-marketing over traditional direct marketing. • Fast, flexible and responsive – taking days to produce and evaluate results rather than weeks. By using e-marketing, the response can be immediate. • Inexpensive to produce and personalise as opposed to printed material. • Easy to target, track and measure. […]

Online Marketing
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Increasing Facebook Likes and Gathering Fans for Facebook Pages

So you have built your website and are ready to get selling your wares online. All that’s left is generating traffic. This is where many online retailers stumble. Achieving and more importantly maintaining traffic to your website depends on a range of factors that must be ticked off before consistent high traffic leves will be […]