emarketing in Galway and IrelandAdvantages of E-Marketing

• Increased response rates in e-marketing over traditional direct marketing.
• Fast, flexible and responsive – taking days to produce and evaluate results rather than weeks. By using e-marketing, the response can be immediate.
• Inexpensive to produce and personalise as opposed to printed material.
• Easy to target, track and measure.
• Easy integration with print and other “offline” campaigns.
• All the feedback and marketing data can be obtained and analyzed to improve the e-marketing strategy and response rate of the next campaign.
• Helps build your online identity.

E-marketing Process

E-Marketing via e-bulletins is a great way of communicating your latest offers to your customers.

Once you have a customer database, you can simply together a word document containing details of the services or products being advertised. A template is then designed using an attractive layout incorporated with business logo and imagery and this is then sent to the customer for approval, once approved the e-bulletin is then sent to the database and the template can be kept re-used on a monthly basis if required.

ebulletin design, emarketing in Galway and IrelandA report is then compiled to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. This displays the number of recipients that opened the bulletin, the percentage of these that clicked on a link and the number of times each link on the e-bulletin was clicked on.

This will help the customer see which products/services are of most interest to their clients as well as gauging the overall interest levels in the campaign.

If you are considering an e-marketing campaign then feel free to contact us for no obligation, cost free quotation.

Sample – View a sample of Gyms.ie e-bulletin mailout here >>

e-marketing in Galway, Ireland