Social Media Campaigns

social media campaignsSometimes a website needs some assistance in generating interest and traffic numbers. This can often be done with a good search engine optimisation strategy to display links from the major search engines for important keywords. Another way to do this is in the form of a social media campaign.

Social media campaigns uses popular online social networking tools to garner interest and generate links to a website or other call to action. Firstly profiles and pages are built on the most popular social media websites such as Facebook and Google Plus. Links are placed on these pages to relevant content or offers and once people start connecting with these pages and ‘liking’ the content on offer, other people can see this and the network starts to grow and provide a stream of traffic to your website, blog or business.

If you would like usa to help you get your social media campaign up and running then dont hesitate to contact us. A timeframe of six months is needed to get things going. After this time a report and a summary of log-in details is handed over to the client and they can take it from there.

Case Study

social network creationCase Study – social network was created and now consists of over five thousand Facebook followers. Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Myspace and other social networks were also joined.

Several bookmarking accounts on websites such as,, were set up to extend the reach of new content submissions on social networks and blogs.

If you would like to find out more then don’t hesitate to contact us..