Free SEO Analysis Report

seo performance report

An SEO Analysis Report will show how your website is performing in the search engines by examining some important factors. Some of these factors are listed below;

Keywords – The top keywords that your website is currently displaying for in the search engines (short tail and long tail). Recommendations of possible keywords that are underperforming & should be targetted.

Architecture – One of the most important factors, this looks at website meta tags, page loading speed, use of heading tags, alt tags and content. Each of these elements are examined and scored.

Social Media – Increasingly important in the SE algorithms, your social media interaction will be examined and reported on.

Links – Having relevant high quality backlinks to your website continues to be an important search engine ranking factor. The number and quality of links to your website will be reviewed.

Analysis – Using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is important for continued search engine performance. We check if these are running for your website.

Overview – An overview ties up the report with an overall performance score and some key recommendations.

Receive your SEO Analysis report by email, detailing how your website is performing, where it might be lacking and how it can be improved.

This report is free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to continue with any other work on receipt of the report.

The option will be there, if you choose, for AdvanceDesign to make the suggested improvements to your website. Otherwise the report can be used as guidelines for improvements in the future.

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