13 Glenrock Business Park
Ballybane Industrial Estate

Invoice Number wvvmc-ad-a24
Invoice Date April 26, 2024
Due Date May 10, 2024
Total Due €1,808.10
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 New theme design, development and integration. Google Analytics integration with backend for website traffic monitoring. Plugin setup including monthly back up solution
1 Data import onto new structure on new hosting platform from old website, including gallery, information pages, news/blog and events pages. Links to be updated to new https urls. SEO structure of website to be improved (meta tags, og tags, installation of Yoast plug-in).
1 Website Hosting on virtual web server - 12 months. SSL Cert install and setup (will be recurring yearly) €430.000.00%€430.00
Sub Total €1,470.00
VAT €338.10
Total Due €1,808.10