13 Glenrock Business Park
Ballybane Industrial Estate

Invoice Number INV-0526
Invoice Date April 30, 2021
Total Due €307.50

Salerno, Threadneedle Rd, Galway

Tel: 086-1542112
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Site Scan, Malware Removal, Back up, Migration to VPS server

1) Checking manual dump (all website files exported for checking) with virus total to see if there are viruses

2) Manual inspection for irregular file sizes/file names. Cleaning up 404.php(compromised) and footer.php(compromised).

3) Identifying that Wordfence scanner(website security scanner) is not working as it should -> moving to another webhosting and solving the issue.

4) Scanning with Wordfence scanner. Identified two files inside of js-composer plugin folder which were cleaned. Malicious php files from uploads folder were removed.

Sub Total €250.00
VAT €57.50
Total Due €307.50