Personalised Calendars

Calendar design and print in Galway Ireland

Calendars are a multifunctional method of promoting a brand, whilst also making excellent gifts for family and friends. Options include desk calendars, wall calendars, pocket calendars and poster calendars.


Personalised Calendars are a great way of displaying a business brand throughout the year and can also be a delightful gift for a family member or friend.

Clients can choose to personalise calendar images for each month and create their own personalised calendars using favourite images, logos or graphics.

Choose which graphics you require for each month to create personalised calendars that make great gifts and useful advertising options.

desk calendar is essential for those with busy lifestyles as they can be easily annotated to include information about important events and appointments. Desk calendars are highly popular among businesses as they serve as a cost effective personalised calendar which helps staff organise their time whilst also promoting the business brand.

Wall calendar can be utilised in a wide range of locations including shops, office spaces and homes and provides enough space to organise information quickly and efficiently with a range of sizing options available.