E-Bulletin Design

e-marketing and e-bulletin design in Ireland

E-bulletins are a cost effective and efficient method of communicating with clients. If you have a GDPR compliant list of customers then it makes sense to keep in touch with them via email. Wide range of templates available.


E-bulletins are a popular means of  e-marketing and are a great way of keeping in touch with an existing market base and communicating new offers or services to them.

It is important to differentiate between GDPR compliant methods and spam which can have an overall detrimental effect on the image of your business and the impression you are giving to potential clients as well as falling outside of recent regulations in terms of data protection.

If you have an existing list of GDPR compliant customers (Those who have actively opted in to receiving communication from you via email) then you should be communicating with them on an ongoing basis.

E-bulletins are an effective way of doing this and can be branded with a business logo and imagery and use templates to provide consistency in terms of layout and design.

If you require an e-bulletin template design or an e-marketing strategy with quotes for design and for sending options (email can be used for smaller numbers but it is best to move to online solutions for larger numbers of recipients) then contact AdvanceDesign for some information on this. Options can also be provided for building a GDPR compliant e-marketing list of clients.